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1. Enchula tu cancha

Enchula tu Cancha is Curveball’s proposal to makeover public spaces that are abandoned or in less-than-optimal conditions. Our main objective is to involve the local community and create a safe environment that helps deter crime.

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This program includes the following activities:


2. National Training System

What is it?

Sistema Nacional de Capacitación (SNC) is a program developed by the Mexican Football Federation (FMF) that provides children, teenagers, and adults with theoretical and practical education principles. It does not matter whether they are players, coaches, physical trainers, or referees with amateur or professional backgrounds, they are all welcome to nurture and continuously improve Our Football.

*We will collaborate during the Revelations Cup to train and prepare amateur-level P.E. teachers


Technical direction​


Goalkeeper’s training


Professional refereeing


Physical Preparation


The SNC is currently preparing more than 2,000 students across 12 campuses with outreach in 12 cities nationwide.


360,000+ Downloads

113,000+ Registered users

44,000+ Active users

3,200+ Certified coaches

3. Futbolímetro

What is it?

Futbolímetro is a soccer growth and development program targeted at boys and girls of ages 6 to 17. It is supported by 2 mobile apps called Futbolímetro Coach and Futbolímetro Play. Its foundations lay on a state-of-the-art model that provides metrics regarding the progress levels of players to give them personalized training.

Futbolímetro’s objective is to improve the technical foundations and physical capabilities that are needed for a correct football performance.

*We will collaborate during the Revelations Cup to train and prepare amateur-level P.E. teachers

Impact metrics (since 2020):

650+ schools have benefitted of this program

200,000+ children actively use these methodologies

1, 900+ P.E. teachers have been trained

Presence across 14 states in Mexico

4. Jugamos Todos

What is it?

Jugamos todos is an educational and sports initiation program focused on children and teenagers aged 3-15 who are in elementary and middle school levels. Its three main components are physical activity, health, and principles.

Jugamos todos’ objective is to create and impulse high quality physical activity practices through a fun and inclusive methodology based on activity circuits.

*We will collaborate during the Revelations Cup to help implement these methodologies in several schools across regional communities.

Impact metrics (since 2020):
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